Proven methods to create brand engagement with social media

In this 45-minute webinar, we cover the areas of creating brand engagement with social media.


      • Ways to measure brand engagement
      • Turning fans and followers into micro influencers
      • Suitable game concepts to create brand engagement and drive in-store sales
        • Building effective social media campaigns (recommended assets, placement, targeting)

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Ejsing Headshot

Mads Ejsing

Product Specialist


Mads Ejsing is the Product Specialist at LeadFamly.Mads is an expert when it comes to developing high-performance gamification campaigns.
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Nana Rasmussen

Content specialist


Nana is working as a inbound consultant at Novicell. Nana helps customers with e-mail marketing, marketing automation and social media.
Phoebe Headshot

Phoebe Berke

Product Specialist


Phoebe is a Campaign Specialist at LeadFamly and helps customers design and execute effective marketing
gamification campaigns.