Maintaining Commercial Efficiency In Times Like These

In this special edition webinar, we cover how the last few months have impacted marketers and what trends we think will have a long-term impact. We also look at the return on investment on gamification where we share real game campaigns and the results. Lastly, we share some benchmarks and best practices that we have seen our customers implement and have success with.

For this 45-minute webinar, we are joined by three LeadFamly colleagues. Nicolai Aarkrog will share his insights into successful campaigns; Martin Yde will touch on benchmarks, best practices, and how to get the most out of gamification; and Sara Moulton will serve as the webinar host.

Here's our agenda for this webinar:

The competition detox 

Return on investment metrics and examples from real game campaigns

Best practices that our customers use to maximize the campaign efficiency

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Sara Moulton

Content Marketing Manager


Sara looks after LeadFamly's content, including the website, sales enablement, and social media.



Martin Yde

Account Executive


Martin works with customers on strategy and campaign brainstorming.



Nicolai Aarkrog

Senior Client Manager


Nicolai meets with future customers to talk about whether gamification can create value for their business