Generate quality leads with marketing gamification

In this webinar we will be talking about how marketing gamification techniques help you attract new prospects and convert them into quality leads.

In this webinar we discussed: 

    • What are Suspects vs. Prospects vs. Leads?
    • Effective game concepts to attract prospects and convert them into quality leads
    • Hands-on advice and best practices 

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Presented by:

Mads Ejsing

Product Specialist, Leadfamly


Mads Ejsing is the Product Specialist at LeadFamly.

Mads is an expert when it comes to developing high-performance gamification campaigns.

Presented by:

Phoebe Berke

Campaign Specialist, Leadfamly


Phoebe is a Campaign Specialist at LeadFamly and helps customers design and execute effective marketing gamification campaigns.