Gamifying Marketing In Traditional Industries

Learn how traditional brands can use gamification to drive their marketing initiatives. We'll demonstrate how to gamify your campaigns to raise engagement and generate leads.


In this free 45-minute webinar, we are joined by Tryg's CRM Manager, Josefine Falch. Josefine will share how she introduced gamification to Tryg's marketing, and how they use game campaigns for lead generation

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Here's our agenda for this webinar:

What really matters when it comes to content & how to use it to communicate to customers and leads

How Tryg uses gamification to generate leads & their lessons learned

Examples of how other traditional companies and industries use gamification to raise awareness

Q&A (5-10 mins.)

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Hosted by:

Phoebe Berke

Academy Manager


Phoebe creates the e-learning videos,
and she’s one of the friendly faces 

on the chat support.



Josefine Falch

CRM Manager


Josefine specializes in CRM, dialogue marketing, and marketing automation. She’s worked on the customer side and as a consultant to large Danish and international companies. She’s passionate about creating great customer experiences through intelligent use of data.

Ejsing Headshot

Presented by:

Mads Ejsing

Product Specialist


Mads Ejsing is the Product Specialist at LeadFamly. Mads is an expert when it comes to developing high-performance gamification campaigns.