'Tis (Almost) The Season:

Gamify Your Christmas Campaigns To Win BIG!

Christmas will be here before you know it, which is why it's time to look into campaign opportunities for Black Friday and Christmas now. This year, let's get ahead of the curve.

In this free 45-minute webinar, we are joined by Malene Rytter, Associate Marketing Manager at Føtex (Salling Group), one of Denmark's largest supermarket chains.

Malene will share some of the successes Føtex has had with gamified Christmas campaigns, which should provide the necessary inspiration for those that have not yet experimented with game campaigns during the holidays.


Here's our agenda for this webinar:

  • Why online Advent Calendars are so successful
  • The 3 outcome-based Christmas campaigns: loyalty, permissions, footfall
  • Best practices for seasonal campaigns
  • Q&A (5-10 mins.)

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Hosted by:

Phoebe Berke

Campaign Specialist


Phoebe is a Campaign Specialist at LeadFamly and helps customers design and execute effective marketing 
gamification campaigns.

uden skygge og ramme

Featured by:

Malene Rytter

Digital Marketing Manager

Salling Group

Malene Rytter is a Digital Marketing Marketing at Salling Group. 

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Presented by:

Mads Ejsing

Product Specialist


Mads Ejsing is the Product Specialist at LeadFamly. Mads is an expert when it comes to developing high-performance gamification campaigns.