Engaging & Activating Consumers With Gamification

LeadFamly is joined by one of the leading retailers in the UK, Asda, to share how they use gamified campaigns to gather data that informs their business decision-making. Asda’s Adam Higgins also shares how they use gamification to generate leads and enhance customer management.

LeadFamly’s Jacqui Maclean demonstrates how gamification helps brands personalize the customer experience, gather information to determine email campaigns, and why ‘Lift Off’ data— data that the customer provides— is the most transparent and valuable data that a business can receive.


Here’s what we cover in this 45-minute webinar:

    • Learn how gamification boosts engagement time and generates leads

      Hear how Asda approaches gamification in a data-driven way

      See great gamification success stories from well-known FMCG and CPG brands

      Get practical tips for increasing engagement and gamifying your marketing campaigns

    • Q&A (5-10 mins.)


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Hosted by:

Jacqui Maclean

Customer Success Manager


Adam hs


Adam Higgins

CRM New Channels and Retention Manager