Activating Your Audience With Gamification


In this month’s webinar, we are excited to be joined by Annika Östman, Rituals’ Digital Acquisition Manager. Annika will share how gamification activates and engages their customers across various markets. She’ll also share the success Rituals has had with localizing campaigns and how they used a game campaign to activate customers that didn’t engage with a prior marketing initiative.

In this 45-minute webinar, we will also share other success examples of customers using gamification to achieve their KPIs (key performance indicators). LeadFamly’s Product Specialist Mads Ejsing will serve as the webinar expert and Sara Moulton, Content Marketing Manager, will host.


In this webinar you will learn:

    • Why activation matters in the customer journey
    • How Rituals uses gamification to reach and interact with
      their audience
    • Activation techniques & examples from various industries
    • Q&A (5-10 mins.)

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Sara Moulton


Content Marketing Manager


Annika headshot

Annika Östman


Digital Acquisition Manager

Ejsing Headshot

Mads Ejsing


Product Specialist