The Pop-Up Explained: When, Why, and How

See a demonstration of how to best use a pop-up, see examples of successful pop-ups, and get advice from our gamification experts.


We get a lot of positive feedback on our pop-up tool, and want to follow up with an interactive customer webinar: The Pop-Up Explained: When, Why, and How. 

Have you had the chance to dive deep into the possibilities of publishing a pop-up using the LeadFamly tool? In a quick 20-minute session our Platform experts Niklas and Phoebe will share what the value is of a pop-up, when it's best, why to use it, and how to execute it. They will show some great examples from our customers and teach you how to set up a similar solution that works for your business. 

The webinar will be run in a participatory format where all attendees are allowed to ask questions and influence the agenda throughout the session. 

Here's our agenda for this webinar:

  • Inspiration for great pop-ups: create focus on current important topics (such as COVID-19), get newsletter sign-ups, avoid abandoned baskets at checkout
  • See great examples of pop-ups already built by LeadFamly customers
  • See how to set up a pop-up that will create value for your customers
  • Get your questions answered along the way

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Niklas Mehlsen

Client Success Manager



Niklas is the voice behind many of the chats on Intercom and he manages technical support for our customers. 


Phoebe Berke

Academy Manager



Phoebe creates the e-learning videos,
and she’s one of the friendly faces
on the chat support.